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I started this blog to be able to post my writing up for the world to see. Obviously it hasn't really gone that far, but there are the few that do read this. I keep it up because it's a good outlet for my own mind and my writing. I hope that if you are reading, you enjoy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis The Season


It’s been a while. This needed to be updated. Life? Love? Money?

All that and more.

Life, is good. I’ve got the best family anyone could ever ask for and a group of friends to die for. I’m surrounded by love on all fronts and it’s just like a blanket. Sometimes my foot will slid out and I’ll get chilly, but I always manage to pull it back in and warm up again. I feel like I can go through cycles of friends too, but I always come back to the true friends, the ones that never fade away and who remain vigilant, even when I’m stupid and wrong.

Love, is bliss. I have met a wonderful man, who on all fronts of the spectrum is great! He’s accomplished in his life, has great friends and a loving family (whom I like). He has a sense of humor that is unfathomable and limitless. We have conversations that could go on for hours and we can just sit and enjoy each others company. It really is something that I’ve never found before. No matter how many times I’ve said that; Jon is truly one in a million.

I’ve finally found a job/organization that I could be content at for the rest of my life. The Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps. has to be one of the most interesting and intriguing organizations that I’ve ever come across. It allows children who have made mistakes and committed crimes to have a second chance and to make amends or pay for what they’ve done. It’s not an easy job, I’m basically a baby sitter for 11-21 year olds, but the money is good and it’s a job. If anything I want to continue to work for this organization for a long while.

I suppose this is it for now, since I have things to do, but I will be updating more often and even throwing in a picture blog once a week.


As always