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I started this blog to be able to post my writing up for the world to see. Obviously it hasn't really gone that far, but there are the few that do read this. I keep it up because it's a good outlet for my own mind and my writing. I hope that if you are reading, you enjoy.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I figured out how to add this to my desktop

I guess it’s time for yet another update. Not much of one really, but I just figured out how to add my blog to my small desktop thing. It’s really interesting and it lets me go directly to my blog and update it as much as I want and very easily. It’s almost more easy than going to the direct website.

I had lunch with Fae and Dan today and it was wonderful. I miss them so much. Dan’s house is empty the entire week, so I might go over there and hang out at some point, but probably if Fae is there too.

Working tonight at 5pm. I’m so excited; not. I am running expo though and I’m kind of excited about that. Hopefully it’ll be a red flag to Peter that I AM waitress material and since Apryl’s leaving I should have a shot.

That’s really all there is to update…I need to make sure a bunch of stuff is on my computer this week and find out what I’m doing for New Year’s if anything.




Saturday, December 26, 2009

Long Update...on my new laptop :)

Wow...it has been forever since I've updated this! I guess I really should start to keep tabs on my oh-so busy life.

Let's see, what's new. Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone. Daddy's in Afghanistan and we miss him terribly. I'm in a relationship with one of the most amazing and wonderful guys I've ever known. I'm still at the 99 and it's not too bad. Gran and Grandad come in about 2 weeks. And Bella (the Focus) got a boo-boo.

Now to devel into each aspect I suppose.

Thanksgiving & Christmas were good. I spent them with Dave at my side and a tear in my eye. I really missed having my dad there; we all did. It was really hard to try and have a great family dinner/holiday with a part of our lives missing. You really don't know what you've got till it's gone. That's for sure. I miss him so much each day, but now with modern technology we can talkt to him almost every day :) It's a wonderful thing. We use skype most of all (I know have that too, user name: staci_graves) and it's just a good time.
Christmas was pretty epic gift wise. I got this brand new laptop (Dell Inspiron), an iTouch (8GB), Snow White on DvD, the Harry Potter movies in a box set (from Dano), some glove and a scarf, covers for my iPod, chocolate and such, a new calender, the Lady GaGa CD, a Barnes & Noble gift card and a beautiful diamond necklace and matching earrings (from my baby). I also got a stuffed panda and a really good book from Dan Dunn. All in all it was a great Christmas. I got to talk to my dad and spend the day with Dave and my family and it was a good time.

Things have been wonderful since Dave came into my life. It's like getting into a warm bed with freshly washed sheets. It's warm, comforting and just down-right awesome. We're going on 2 months now and yet it feels like we've been together for a year or so. I'm just so comfortable with him; but not in the "this is as good as it'll get" sense I had when I was with Brandon. It's better than that. We really care about each other. His situation is hard; and I won't go into it in any detail online; but we make it through and really feel for each other. I am pretty much content with that situation right now.

The 99 basically steals my soul each and everytime I go to work there. But it is a good bunch of people and a good place to work. I could have it A LOT worse and work somewhere worse, no where for that matter.

Dano's in the culinary arts program at Salter now and I'm so proud of her. She's bored right now since it's a math and college survival skills class, but she'll get through it and it'll help her in the long run I think. I got her a recipe book for all her stuff for Christmas and I think she really likes it. (or at least that's what she told me).

Mum is getting along pretty good with Daddy being gone. She still has her moments, we all do, me most of all actually, but she's doing really well. She goes to dance, hangs out with people here and there and has us to help her too. She talks to Daddy at least once a day on Skype and it's really the highlight of her day.

Now we wait for Gran and Grandad to get here. They're supposed to fly in the 7th of January, but Grandad had some bleeding in his eye and we're not sure if they're coming on that day still or a little later. I just really can't wait for them to get here. It'll make time go by so much faster.

It's time to go watch/help mum play Mario for the Wii and try to convince her to get Chinese food for dinner tonight :)

end. transmission.