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Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s like finding that shirt you loved…

Yesterday was a like a flashback from the summer. I hung out with people I haven’t seen in a long time. It was really nice, but very odd. I went to a friend’s house to help with some yard work and then we got to chatting about all of her problems and about how she needs a break. I can understand from an onlooker’s point of view. She does. Her and her ex boyfriend do. They were an adorable couple, but they really need some time apart. They were constantly in fights and just stressing each other out too much.

On his perspective, the man is dying on the inside. He’s depressed without her and he just can’t see himself in a good light without her. The only good advice I could give him was to take time for himself and using that time for working on him. I think that’s the best thing for him to do right now, at least to help himself out. He needs to do for him before he can do for anyone else. I really hope he takes that advice. He’s a good man, just has issues that he needs to tackle before a relationship.

I hung out with Jeremy last night too. It was nice and I can definitely say I missed it. We just get on so well together and have a good time. I can honestly say that I still care about him like I did, but that I care more for Jon right now. I am glad that Jeremy and I can still be good friends and it’s not awkward. He knows about Jon and thinks it’s good for me. I really missed just hanging out with the boys, it was nice.

I miss Jon in a ridiculous way today though. I haven’t talked to him in almost 24 hours and I know he’s probably sleeping. It was nice just doing my thing yesterday and knowing that he was doing his and having an awesome time at this wrestling thing that he was going to. I hope it relaxed him and he had the best time ever. I really can see myself with him for a while. He just treats me so well and I smile every day I spend with him, every phone call I get to hear his voice and every time I see his name. I’m just happy. And I love it.

I’m so sick of the snow too. It’s starting to make me hate it, and I usually love the snow. But such is life in New England when you’re having a heavy winter. It’s almost as if Mother Nature is trying to make up for previous light winters. Get it all in now! But the run offs in the spring should make for a great spring/summer. The lake will definitely be high, that’s for sure! I cannot wait for Spring. I actually can’t wait for Valentine’s Day this year. I have cute things in store for my man!

I suppose I’m going to go and play video games until Danielle gets home and then Skyping with mum and dad.



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